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Advancing Technology, University of
The Digital Animation Production (DAP) emphasis will provide students with the skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions in the gaming, Internet, film and broadcast industries. Position skills may include 3D modeling, 3D object and character animation, lighting, material painting, special effects, and technical support. In addition, a student completing courses in the DAP emphasis will gain valuable team building, project management, and communication skills.
     Emphasis Objectives
  •  Understand the history and theory of animation
  •  Create characters using both 2D and 3D methods
  •  Model simple and complex 3D forms in the computer environment
  •  Apply lighting, shading, and textures to simple and complex 3D forms
  •  Animate simple and complex 3D forms in the computer environment
  •  Composite digital video with 3D animation in the computer environment
  •  Create natural and man-made special effects to be used in 3D animation
University of Advancing Technology
2625 West Baseline Road
Tempe, Arizona 85283

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DigiPen Institute of Technology
DigiPen was established in 1988 by Claude Comair in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. In 1994, after several years of teaching 3D computer animation production , the DigiPen Applied Computer Graphics School officially accepted its first class of video game programming students. The two year video game programming diploma course was the first of its kind in North America. Offered in co-operation with Nintendo of America, this program was created to address the need of the industry to have a formal source of qualified personnel. The following year, DigiPen implemented a revised two year 3D computer animation diploma, from which student work continues to receive awards by many international film festivals as well as industry organizations.

DigiPen Institute of Technology
5001 - 150th Ave, NE
Redmond, Washington, 98052

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Full Sail Real World Education
You watch the credits of action/adventure flicks to see which visual effects house made the explosions. You dream about modeling your own creature in the digital realm. You’ve got the computer animation bug - and bad. Fortunately, we’ve got a cure. Full Sail’s Computer Animation Associate of Science Degree Program will train you on one of the most powerful software systems in the world, Alias|Wavefront’s Maya, in combination with Nothing Real Shake and Maya Live!. Under the guiding eyes of our expert staff, you’ll model, bone, skin and animate characters; even bring visual effects together with live action. After graduation, you’ll head out to interviews with a demo reel and the knowledge that you’ve got what it takes to make amazing images never before imagined.

Full Sail Real World Education
3300 University Blvd
Winter Park, FL 32792

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Al Collins College
Collins College is dedicated to providing the very best in career education to its students in a number of career areas, including Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Computer Graphics,Traditional and Computer Animation, Multimedia, Digital Video, Web Design, Interactive Multimedia, Computer Network Administration, Local Area Networks, and
E-commerce Programming.

Collins College
1140 S Priest Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281

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The use of the computer is truly significant to the 21st century. Both at home and at work, computer technology is dramatically changing how we communicate and the ways we acquire and interact with information. Artists and designers exploring the computer's possibilities through their creative work are among those shaping the new medium.

At Ringling School of Art and Design, the Computer Animation major focuses on the principles of motion and conceptual development in the production of individual and collaborative short-form animation.

2700 N Tamiami Drive
Sarasota, FL 34234

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Vancouver Institute for Media Arts
The philosophy of the VanArts Computer Animation Program is to teach the medium of computer animation. Our industry-based curriculum integrates fundamental animation concepts with the creative use of digital animation techniques. Students learn both 3D Studio Max and Softimage XSI, two leading high-end software packages used in the film, gaming and multimedia industries. The VanArts' computer lab is equipped with Windows NT workstations, fully loaded with high-end graphics functionality and performance. Students have full-time access to their own personal workstation for the duration of the program.

Vancouver Institute for Media Arts
837 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6B 2M6

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